Tell us a little bit about yourself – who are you, and what is your background?

Hola! I am Pablo Perez, son of Mexican immigrants, brother to 3 siblings, father to 3 of the most beautiful humans, and partner to an amazing woman. I live in Wisconsin. Smell our dairy air! My professional background goes back to college. I worked for a company that built custom control panels, and they encouraged me to pursue electrical engineering. That led me on a 15-year journey traveling around the world designing and implementing communications networks.

What caught your interest in COS Systems?

The first thing that captivated me was the people. Their warmth and shared belief in leveraging communication for a better world resonated deeply with me. While FTTH and the COS solution are new territory, I see our aligned goals driving positive change. The potential in the USA market is immense, and COS’s forward-thinking mindset reinforces this belief. I wanted to be part of this journey, so I hopped on board.

What are your goals for the coming months?

I’m passionate about supporting our team, contributing innovative ideas, and shouldering my workload while mastering our system, all to ensure seamless client onboarding. Plus, I’m dedicated to building meaningful connections with everyone. Let’s create success together!

Why should people contact you and press the “connect with Pablo” button?

Push the button and find out! In all seriousness, I have a passion for technology and learning new things. I believe in listening to ideas, even if they’re not fully developed yet. The exciting part is turning those ideas into reality. If you enjoy learning, laughing and creating, connect with Pablo.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I once wanted to be a rock star. I played drums for a while, but now I’m content just listening to music. It’s better this way for me and the world. I’m a nerd. Long live nerds!